Caring too much is encouraged

Welcome to the 70MM Movie Blog! We overanalyze and fangirl over the latest films and the news surrounding them. Only two words are not permitted here: "calm" and "down."


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Want to know if a film is worth your time and money? Check out our review! Without spoiling the viewing experience, we offer a synopsis and break down of the film. What works? What doesn't? Does its weaknesses outweigh its strengths? By the end of each review, you will have the information you need to decide whether or not a film deserves an audience. Already seen a film and have an opinion? Leave a comment and tell us why we are completely right or wrong!


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B-Reel is the movie channel where caring too much is encouraged! Weekly uploads of film reviews featuring incompetent drivers, rush hour traffic and the adequate amount of road rage. Warning: Fangirling is imminent.