DeadpooL: UNCOMPROMISING & True to the Source Material

2016 is the year of superhero films.

An unprecedented total of six movies are coming out this year and if each proves the audiences’ current appetite for the genre insatiable, that total number is bound to grow. Many question how long the superhero fad will last. But with the arrival of Deadpool and its record-breaking opening, the superhero genre once again demonstrates that it is alive and well.

Never heard of Deadpool? Don’t worry, most people haven’t.

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13 Hours: Politics and Accuracy Take a Backseat to Spectacle

13 Hours feels like a first-person shooter. It proves that a Call of Duty film can be done, and like those video games, it will be entertaining if the audience walks in with the right mindset. Do not expect complex character development or an insightful, bipartisan take on a tragedy.

This is a Michael Bay film. Don’t think. Because when you do, it all starts to fall apart.

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