Hello, My Name Is Doris: A Cringe-Worthy Film Only a Certain Generation Will Enjoy

The theater was not packed, but fuller than expected. From the laughter throughout the screening, Hello, My Name is Doris certainly found its audience. I cannot recall a film in recent memory that has made audiences guffaw as loud as this one. When the end credits began, I heard a fellow filmgoer whisper to her friend, “That was nice.”

No, ma’am.

It was not.

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DeadpooL: UNCOMPROMISING & True to the Source Material

2016 is the year of superhero films.

An unprecedented total of six movies are coming out this year and if each proves the audiences’ current appetite for the genre insatiable, that total number is bound to grow. Many question how long the superhero fad will last. But with the arrival of Deadpool and its record-breaking opening, the superhero genre once again demonstrates that it is alive and well.

Never heard of Deadpool? Don’t worry, most people haven’t.

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The Finest Hours: A Predictable Could Have Been

Disaster films are meant to horrify and inspire audiences by portraying the ruthlessness of a disaster and the strength of the ordinary men and women surviving it. Rescue films, on the other hand, show the hope when all is lost and the power that comes from selfless acts. Films based on true events add weight to situations and actions of characters who are no longer fictional. The Finest Hours had the chance to be all these things and more.

But it failed.

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