Is Kylo Ren Redeemable?

70MM is proud to present the site's first podcast, The Nerd Soliloquy! Listen in to catch up on the latest news in genre films, as well as insightful reviews and nonsensical commentary with your host, Beatriz Mourad.

Today on the show! We talk Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy casting announcements, Kingsmen and Mary Poppins casting rumors, and why computer algorithms should not be trusted when it comes to superhero films. Chris Evans assures us that Captain America: Civil War is not Avengers 2.5 and will Deadpool’s continuing success at the box office cause Wolverine 3 to be rated R? And finally, on this week’s soliloquy we ask: Is Kylo Ren redeemable? That and much more on this packed episode of The Nerd Soliloquy podcast!

Special thanks to and StarWarsNewsNet for being incredible news sources!

EDITOR'S NOTE: It is Kimba The White Lion,not Simba.

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