The Batman v Superman Spoiler Soliloquy

70MM is proud to present the site's first podcast, The Nerd Soliloquy! Listen in to catch up on the latest news in genre films, as well as insightful reviews and nonsensical commentary with your host, Beatriz Mourad.

Due to the release of a certain movie, this week’s episode is all about DC. We will be covering the biggest DC news in comics, television and, of course, movies. With the Lego Batman teaser trailer dropping, the first image of the solo Wonder Woman film being released, the reveal of a potential role for Lynda Carter in Supergirl, and DC Comics hitting the reset button on their comic books once again, we might not even have time to talk about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Who am I kidding? We are going to talk about it and it will be full of spoilers. When it’s a soliloquy review, we go all the way. So sit back and enjoy this week’s special episode of the Nerd Soliloquy podcast.

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