Hello, World!

70MM is proud to present the site's first podcast, The Nerd Soliloquy! Listen in to catch up on the latest news in genre films, as well as insightful reviews and nonsensical commentary with your host, Beatriz Mourad.

On today's episode, we will be introduced to our host and the show itself. We will then dive into the latest in genre movie news. First, we will discuss the Suicide Squad trailer and how Margot Robbie will slay as Harley Quinn. Next, we will talk about the Wonder Woman footage and why we are more excited for this film than Batman v. SupermanStar Wars Episode VIII has been pushed back to December 2017 with the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film taking its place in May. Surprising no one, Avatar 2 has now been pushed back so Star Wars is free to keep its December Box Office crown.  No Star Wars television series is in the works, but we don't mind. Just give us more Rey! Cate Blanchett will reportedly play a villain in Thor: Ragnarok but recent comments from the film's director makes us nervous. Deadpool's marketing team continues to be amazing, surprising fans with a screening of the film. Spoiler Alert: they loved it!

We question the Producers' Guild since they awarded The Big Short Best Picture, review Brooklyn and Anomalisa, and end the show with the Academy Awards' diversity controversy. Yes, #OscarsSoWhite but is the Academy at fault for a much larger, systemic problem? Tune in to find out!

Special thanks to Comicbook.com and StarWarsNewsNet for being incredible news sources!